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what is in that box?

#this says so much about each of their plans #may is going to survive on that island; kill its beasts and live on their meat #trip is getting out with a sat phone someone’s going to pick him up he has faith someone will get him #fitz has no fucking idea simmons is the smarter one ask her #simmons has been dreaming of this moment her whole life #skye also has no fucking idea but her laptop hasn’t failed her so far???? #ward is like may but he doesn’t think he will have to survive for that long #he has finite ammo he believes someone will come for him too #this scene (via maximofff)

I was thinking about this and I wonder

Ward didn’t even pick a hunting gun

Or something with more than six shots in it

I don’t think Ward’s fending off anyone

I think he only needs one bullet

And I don’t think he’s getting off that island at all

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Admit it, the first thing we’d all do if we woke up gender swapped is masturbate.

I would pay money and make popcorn just to watch some of the men I’ve known in my life masturbate after being genderswapped. Not for any erotic reasons, just to see if they could even figure out how.

"wait, so which hole- what the hell- how do- *breaks down crying*"


"You think?" *Eats popcorn*


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